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ENVÍO GRATUITO (sólo en Península)

Bird gift box with two cans of Merula extra virgin olive oil 500 ml + bottle of red wine Valdueza “El Pájaro” 500ml
31 July, 2020

Green shield gift box with one bottle of Extra virgin olive oil Marqués de Valdueza 500 ml and one bottle of Marqués de Valdueza Red Wine Vinegar 250 ml



Marqués Valdueza green book gift box

extra virgin olive oil bottle Marqués Valdueza 500 ml + red wine vinegar marqués de Valdueza 250 ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spring-scented oil with outstanding herbaceous green notes that presents a green fruity olive of medium-high intensity.

Complex nose with hints of green almond, broom, light tones of green tomato and a deep fragrance of wild plants that culminates with light fruit notes.

With a deep personality in the mouth, it is soft at first and then surprises with a light bitterness that leads to a slightly more intense spice, generating a wonderful balance. Herbaceous records predominate with wood tones, turning towards almond and green banana.

Intangible fusion of aromas / flavors provided by the 4 great varieties that lend their profiles to the creation of this product.

Red Wine Vinegar

A clean and bright, honey-colored vinegar. Its aroma is intense and complex. We can talk about toasted wood with hints of vanilla, fennel and licorice spice, and even some ripe almond.

In the mouth, the toasted touches of almond and licorice are increased. It also has hints of citrus like lemon or grapefruit.

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