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Extra virgin olive oil Marqués de Valdueza 250ml (box 6 units)
26 July, 2020
Merula extra virgin olive oil 500ml (box 6 units)
26 July, 2020

Extra virgin olive oil Marqués de Valdueza 500ml (box 6 units)



Marqués de Valdueza

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spring-scented oil with outstanding herbaceous green notes that presents a green fruity olive of medium-high intensity.

Complex nose with hints of green almond, broom, light tones of green tomato and a deep fragrance of wild plants that culminates with light fruit notes.

With a deep personality in the mouth, it is soft at first and then surprises with a light bitterness that leads to a slightly more intense spice, generating a wonderful balance. Herbaceous records predominate with wood tones, turning towards almond and green banana.

Intangible fusion of aromas / flavors provided by the 4 great varieties that lend their profiles to the creation of this product.


– 500 Ml Bottle

– 250 ML bottle

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