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Red Wine Marqués de Valdueza Red Label (box 6 units)
26 July, 2020
Extra virgin olive oil Marqués de Valdueza 250ml (box 6 units)
26 July, 2020

Marqués de Valdueza Blue Label red wine, Great aging wine (box 6 units)



Marqués de Valdueza

BLUE label, 750ml bottle

It is the most ambitious wine with the greatest capacity to age (aptitude only available in great wines).

This wine has concentration, complexity, freshness, balance and silky tannins. However, you can start consuming now. Those who seek the power of youth to accompany tasty cuisine (game dishes for example), will enjoy their personality for the next 3 years. And those who want to enjoy its maximum complexity and harmony should wait for the fourth year and beyond.

Syrah (47%) provides sweetness, Cabernet-Sauvignon (38%) constitutes the backbone of the wine and the touch of Merlot (15%) adds complexity.

This great aged wine has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels (more than half in new barrels and the rest in 1-year barrels).


– 750 ml bottle

– Magnum

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