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26 July, 2020
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26 July, 2020

Honey of a thousand flowers Marqués de Valdueza (box 6 units)



Honey of a thousand flowers
256 ml jar format.

TASTING NOTES: Obtained from wildflowers on our estates in the countryside of Extremadura. Before packaging, the honey receives no more processing other than heating to less than 40ºC to facilitate its handling. Given that the honey has not been subjected to any physical or chemical treatment, in time it will ten to recuperated its original, solidified state. If you prefer, it can be easily liquefied by applying heat by placing the jar in warm water.

More o less clear, amber color. Floral, with a variety of notes depending, on the flowers that dominate each year. Sweet taste depending on floral predominance. Liquid feel with varying crystallization depending on flowers in the mix.

PAIRING: Ideal for meats, nuts, cured cheeses, toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil and spicy roasts.


ALLERGENS AND GLUTEN: Does not contain.

CONSERVATION: In a cool and dry place.

PREFERRED CONSUMPTION: Two years from date of packaging.

NUTRITIVE VALUES (approximate for 100gr):

Energy value 280kcal / 1165 kj
Fats: 0.0 gr (of which saturated: 0.0gr)
Carbohydrates: 74.4gr (of which sugars: 74.4gr)
Proteins: 0.6gr
Salt: 0,0gr

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Weight 256 g
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