Red Wine Vinegar
24 April, 2017
Marqués de Valdueza Blue Label
23 April, 2017

Marqués de Valdueza

Blue Label 

This is our most ambitious wine with a large capacity of aging (a singular attribute of great wines).

This wine possesses concentration, complexity, freshness, balance, and silky tannins. Moreover, apt for immediate consumption. Those who look for youthful potency to accompany a rich meal (game, for example), will enjoy its personality the three years after release. And those who want to enjoy its maximum complexity and harmony, should wait for the fourth and following years.

The Syrah brings a luxurious sweetness to this wine, while the Cabernet Sauvignon is its backbone and a touch of Merlot adds complexity.

This wine, made to be laid down, was aged for twelve months in French oak barrels (more than half, new barrels, and the rest, one year old).


– 750 ml Bottle

– Magnum