Merula Oil
24 April, 2017
Valdueza The Bird
24 April, 2017

Marqués de Valdueza

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil with springtime freshness and prominent green, herbaceous notes that present a green olive fruitiness of medium-high intensity.

Complex nose with tones of green almond, sage, light touches of green tomato, and a deep fragrance of wild brush that culminates in light fruit tree notes.

With deep personality in mouth, beginning with a soft attack only to surprise with a light bitterness as the taste develops, and a slightly more intense spicy finish, all of which generates a marvelous balance. Herbaceous hues with tones of wood sliding towards almond and green banana.

Immaterial fusion of the aromas and tastes brought together by the four grand varieties that lend their individual profiles to the creation of this product.


– Bottle 500 ml

– Bottle 250 ml